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Download Sequel Pro free on your PC to manage your MySQL database. Sequel Pro is one of the free solutions available to manage any database you may have

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The real Achilles' heel of MySQL database management is the graphical environment, something that makes this task quite a bit more boring and tedious that it is per se. If you need a complete application with a pleasant graphical user interface (GUI) to perform the management of a MySQL database, download Sequel Pro.

  Sequel Pro is an application based on CocoaMySQL, from which we can administrate our database: connect to a local or remote MySQL server, perform checks, modify the database's structure, import or export data,... And all this using an interface with the typical elegance of the GUI developed for Mac applications.

  The main features or Sequel Pro are:
- Essential tool to work with MySQL databases.
- Pleasant interface, that is easy to use.
- Quick and comfortable access to the databases hosted on the server.
- Customized configuration of the query editor.

  If you want a powerful and elegant MySQL database manager, download Sequel Pro.
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