Serious Sam Forever


Serious Sam Forever is an entertaining shooter game. Once you download this multiplayer demo for Serious San Forever you will fight against 400 bots

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In the year 2001, the first instalment of the Croatian video game "Serious Sam" surprised the fans of shooters like Doom with a video game that reflected the exact same style of the classic titles of that genre, that was focused on annihilating thousands of enemies without any real kind of story.

  After a few years of development, we can now enjoy the adventures of Sam in Serious Sam Forever, a mod for the second instalment of the game with the graphic engine of Serious Sam 2, that was named "Serious Engine 2".

  Serious Sam Forever offers games full of unrestrained action in which you will face countless enemies and scenes full of humor, starting with the title of the video game, that is a parody of the much "awaited" Duke Nukem Forever. One of the things worth highlighting of this first person shooter (FPS) is its multiplayer mode that accepts up to 100 bots on screen.

  If you like classic shooters, don't miss out on the action in Serious Sam Forever.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Serious Sam 2 and DirectX 9c installed for this mod to work. This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor. The demo version has 4 maps, 4 game modes and up to 400 bots.
Croteam Ltd
Over a year ago
3 months ago
134.5 MB

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