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Servant Salamander is an application the objective of which is to improve the Windows Explorer. Download Servant Salamander and you will have two windows

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If you think that Windows Explorer can be improved, you're right, Servant Salamander is a product that, by adding its very simple functionality, substantially improves the usability of the Windows Explorer that is installed by default. With this substitute we will have two windows joined in a single application, making it easier to browse the hard drive and transfer data from one folder to another.

Improve the Windows explorer

Servant Salamander is simple and quick and includes everything you need to substitute the Windows Explorer on any computer in which it is installed, because the interface is very similar, just that it is divided in two windows.

As well as including the usual functions that can be used with Windows Explorer, like creating a folder or deleting files, Servant Salamander also includes various very useful commands. Furthermore, it includes a search engine with more options than the one that is included with Windows

If you're looking for a file explorer that is useful, quick and simple to substitute the default one included in Windows, Servant Salamander is a great option to take into account.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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