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SES Type has more than 1000 typing exercises. Download SES Type free on your computer and practice to be able to improve your keystrokes per minute

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SES Type is an excellent utility to learn how to type that will help you to improve your keystroke speed when you are writing on your PC's keyboard and to reduce the amount of errors that you may have when typing.

  For this purpose, the application offers a series of exercises with increased difficulty with which you can gain in agility when it comes to locating and pressing the appropriate keys.

  Among the options that are included in SES Type it's worth highlighting:
- Includes more than 1,000 short exercises with different difficulty levels.
- Possibility to choose between the different available exercises to practice.
- Statistics viewer to see your progress.
- Evaluation report generator that can be saved in HTML format.

  All in all, this application will allow you to increase the speed, at the same time that you decrease the errors that you have when writing.

  So, practice typing while you measure your progress with SES Type!
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
SES Type
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