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Transform your obsolete Windows operating system into the attractive and modern Windows 7. Change the appearance of your OS with Seven Remix XP for free

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The operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, improves stability, performance and design compared to its predecessor, Windows Vista. You can now customize your Windows XP so it resembles Windows 7 by installing Seven Remix XP.

Turn your Windows XP into Windows 7

This theme transforms your system into a visual copy of Windows 7, with its semitransparent toolbar, its wallpapers, sounds and cursors. Despite its name, the application also works with other Windows versions, like Windows 2003, Windows Media Center Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

To avoid havoc, Seven Remix XP makes backups of the registry before editing it, and it allows us to partially or completely uninstall the application, offering us the possibility to customize it to our own liking. Enjoy all the visual elegance of Windows 7 with the reliability and limited resource use of Windows XP.

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Antony Peel
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