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1.0.1200 Enter the lands of an impressive medieval fantasy world in Shadowblood, an interesting application ARPG with MMO mechanics and multiplayer functions
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Following the style of mythical video games such as Baldur's Gate or Diablo, this action role-playing game immerses us in a fantasy world full of dangers, monsters, dungeons, and heroes. Our mission will be to become one of those heroes and save the land of Narr from the jaws of Arcand, the corrupt dragon.

Enjoy an unlimited action role-playing game with speed, great skills, and sophisticated and beautifully rendered graphics.

Choose your hero and join the battle

Shadowblood is a great ARPG with a careful three-dimensional graphic environment where we will have to go through lots of dungeons and scenarios in quick games. Before starting, we must choose a character class, being able to choose between assassin, berserker, mage, guardian, and explorer. Also, almost all of them have a male and female version.

The game mechanics are simple since we only have to move our character around the stage with the virtual joystick and press the different action and attack buttons as they are available to fight the enemies and bosses. But that is not all, because we can use the automatic mode and enjoy the game and effects without touching the buttons.

Interesting plot within a vast world.

This game includes lots of missions and dungeons, thousands of pieces of equipment, challenges, team raids, and a multiplayer mode where we can demonstrate our combat skills in PvP battles. Also, its graphics are great, and the rapid operation of the game gives an attractive and dynamic touch that will get our attention from the first minute.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
UTPlus Interactive Inc.
This year
This year
408.5 MB

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