ShadyTXT is a practical notebook that can be totally customized. Download ShadyTXT free today and try this alternative to the classic Windows notepad

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A basic element of any computer has to be a text editor. Even though all Windows operating systems include one, it is a very basic tool, especially if we have worked with more complex applications. ShadyTXT is a great alternative to the notepad, and, what's more, it is totally customizable.

Another kind of notepad for Windows

The main features of this editor are the capacity to recognize URL addresses, "Always visible" function, support for Unicode, automatic update system and options for document printing.

The program has an interface that is very similar to that of other programs of the same style, but with the major difference that both the text shown on the screen as well as the background can be of any color that we choose. ShadyTXT is compatible with TXT, LOG, NFO, and DIZ.

If you want to substitute the notepad included in Windows, for a program that is somewhat more complete, customizable and totally free, you should install ShadyTXT

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Scott McLure
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