Shakes and Fidget Online

In Shakes and Fidget you have to complete missions or create alliances with other players. Shakes and Fidget lets you choose between different characters

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Shakes and Fidget is an RPG game in which you'll be able to create a character that will try to gain experience and gold in different missions around the world. As the game advances, depending on the fights that you take part in and who your opponent is, your skills will increase as well as your character's features. It allows online playing to be able to fight against other players or create alliances with them.

Features and functions you'll be able to find in Shakes and Fidget

  • Possibility to earn money to buy new weapons or other objects if you leave your character working when you aren't playing.
  • Obtain weapons and other objects by fighting in the dungeons against monsters and special enemies.
  • Different options to choose between different types of characters like humans, dwarves, orcs and demons.
  • Various strength, dexterity, intelligence, constitution and luck levels depending on the character chosen.
  • Objective of the game will depend on your location.

These and other options make Shakes & Fidget an excellent game to be able to pass entertaining moments comparing your skills with other players and exploring your world whilst you complete missions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to sign up to be able to play.
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