Shape Collage

3.1 Shape Collage allows you to create original collages with your images. Download Shape Collage for free and you can create compositions with different shapes
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The origin of collages is associated on many occasions to the work of art by Picasso "Still Life with Chair Caning". Since then, it has become a technique used in many artistic fields. It's used by young children at playschool as their first handicrafts to the greatest painters, photographers, cinema directors, ...

  If you are a fan of the collage technique, and you like to devote part of your time to produce creative works with your images, surprise your known ones with Shape Collage, a free tool that is very easy to use and that has options that we hadn't seen in other similar applications.

  Shape Collage is an application that automatically generates works of art from your photos and images. Its main difference regarding other applications is its intuitive interface that by means of the "Drag&Drop" technique allows the user to select the images that are going to form part of the collage. The user will also be able to choose different outlines that will define the shape of the composition.

  Enjoy one of the best utilities to generate original works of art, and even better without having to spend a dime.
Requirements and additional information:
The application requires Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or above.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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