If you want to save the money you would spend on your own car and drive when you need to, with SHARE NOW you can hire a vehicle quickly whenever you want

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It's always been said that having a car is like having a dumb kid. Owning a vehicle involves expenses, more expenses and displeasure. But most of the time they are a necessary evil. If you want to have access to a car whenever you want without the inconveniences of having your own, what this app offers up is very interesting.

Always have a car in the city, without having to buy one.

Choose your car and rent it fast

SHARE NOW is a carsharing platform created by car2go and DriveNow, offering us a quick way to rent a car without having to go to an office and fill out a huge amount of paperwork. You only need to register and open the app to check the map.

The map shows all the cars available for rent, so you can see which ones are closest to your location. In Europe you can book them for 15 or 20 minutes, while in North America it's for 30 minutes. However, you can also book a rental package for longer trips. This way, you can use a vehicle whenever you need it and pay only for what you use it for.

Rent a car directly on the street and leave it anywhere in your city's usage area.

To rent the car you only need your Android device to unlock the vehicle. In a matter of seconds you can use a car to get around. In addition, the platform offers exclusive parking spaces for carsharing.

This service is useful and really cool, giving access to electric cars from top brands such as BMW, MINI or Mercedes-Benz. Also, before renting it you can check if the car is automatic, the number of seats and its battery charge (if electric) or fuel. The only problem is that at the moment this service is only active in some cities in several countries. For example, in Spain it is only offered in Madrid, while in France it is only active in Paris. But with time, that may change.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
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Laura Stutt
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