Block tracking cookies from social networks. Download ShareMeNot free today and avoid that the buttons of the popular social networks track your steps

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The buttons that we find on many websites such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to name a few may provide advantages, but they also make it possible for these pages to track our browsing activity and obtain valuable private data, even if you don't click on them or you deactivate third party tracking cookies. Avoid this with ShareMeNot.

Avoid your online activity from being tracked

ShareMeNot is a Firefox extension that stops these buttons from following your steps until you actually choose to click on them. Prevent this anomalous behavior and therefore improve Internet browsing by making it a lot more secure.


  • Block tracking cookies used by social networks when browsing.
  • Create exception rules about your favorite pages.
  • Observe the icon in the complements bar to view ShareMeNot activity.

Not just an advertising matter

Tools for avoiding browser tracking should not be focused solely on advertising, as social network buttons can follow us with cookies even though we dont click on them. Make your browsing safer by covering all fronts with ShareMeNot.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Mozilla Firefox is required.
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