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Store all kinds of information and documentation images to write your texts with Shelfster Desktop Tool, an ideal tool for writers, journalists...

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When it comes to writing any text it is necessary to carry out a documentation task about the subject beforehand. Compiling information from various sources is important to be able to provide your text with a unique identity and singularity. With Shelfster Desktop Tool you will have the definitive help tool.

Use Shelfster Desktop Tool to copy text from any website or any document on your computer and upload it to your Shelfster account. You will be able to catalog it in detail using tags and notes that contribute to maintain the best possible organization of your files.


  • Upload both text fragments as well as images.
  • Store your information about different projects.
  • Store your files offline when you don't have access to a connection.
  • Ideal for all kinds of writers, journalists, bloggers...
  • Access your contents whenever you want.
  • Transfer notification with each file.
  • Publish your texts instantly over Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress...
  • The amount of platforms that it supports is constant.Small additional tool to copy text or cut images on the screen.

The easiest way for writer to compile information for a book, article...

All your information, always accessible

To make the most of Shelfster Desktop Tool you will have to create a free account in the application's server. Upload each new file that you have create to your account, that you can organize in many different ways. Within the web server you will have a dedicated search engine and different filters that will help you to find your files, that are also editable from here.

Shelfster Desktop Tool is an effective solution for all those people that love writing. Don't forget a single detail for your next text: download Shelfster Desktop Tool free and maintain your file in perfect status.

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Scott McLure
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