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Shootr is an app for Android to take part in chats and surveys about any topic. It is conceived to turn your phone into a second television screen

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Nobody should be surprised about the fact that every day there are more and more TV viewers that also have an eye on the Internet from their smartphones or tablets whilst they watch their favorite programs, especially live shows.

Social networks of the likes of Facebook or Twitter offer us information on the Internet in parallel to what's happening on TV. This information is usually generated by the web's users but now there are more and more channels and producers that take care of generating those contents for their followers. This concept is known as a second screen (our TV would be our first screen).

A second screen app for Android

You might have landed on this review expecting to read something about screencast, Chromecast or Roku, but no, that's not the case. This is about Shootr, an application that intends to be a platform on which its users can comment about any topic they're interested in and take part in polls. We're not necessarily talking about television contents, as they can also be radio programs, although we have to admit that, for the time being, the concept is much more successful with TV shows.

It's especially appropriate for talent shows which can create their own official accounts where they can publish polls and surveys that enrich the contents watched by their users during each program. In turn, the users can send messages, vote, and share multimedia contents...

Talent shows, reality shows, sports events... this is their second screen.

So you're probably thinking about a traditional chat but adapted and focused on specific contents with the possibility of being maintained by the people in charge of a TV or radio program.

It's an interesting way of following whatever you're interested in, with direct contact with the people in charge and other followers (it includes private messaging so you can meet people with whom you share interests). Download the Android APK right now or download the iOS version if you've got an iPhone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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