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Life is short in Short Life, a peculiar adventure game where we have to take our character to the finish line alive and, if possible, in one piece

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This title of the developer Gametornado suggests a rather gory experience, but very fun in which our character will end up torn in multiple ways, all equally sadistic. Our duty will be to help them move forward avoiding the traps that will dismember, mutilate or evaporate them. However, just being able to cross the finish line of the level will suffice, even if they do it crawling.

Choose your hero and get to the end without losing your mind.

Take your character alive (and whole) at the end of the screen

Short Life is a game as brutal as it is funny. The goal is to get our character to the end of the level. To do this, we must overcome all kinds of obstacles, avoid the traps through the movement and jump buttons while collecting stars that will determine our score at the end. If you cannot get by with the buttons, you can choose the virtual joystick.

Amazing one touch platform game.

The tips that appear on the screen can end your adventure or save your life. There are all kinds of traps and for all tastes: spikes, arrows, explosives, saws, cannons... Of course, part of the grace of the game is to see how they mutilate the character and if they are able to continue moving forward. As they run out of members, their mobility will also be affected, so we will have to take it into account. For instance, if they no longer have legs they will not be able to jump, obviously.

In addition to many different levels, this bloody and innovative game also offers us the possibility of unlocking new heroes that will risk their lives repeatedly. How many times will they have to die until you get through each screen? If you have ever wanted to take unnecessary risks and not suffer the consequences, this is your chance.

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María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
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