ShowIP is a Firefox add-on that shows you the IP address of any web on the status bar together with other data, download ShowIP right now free of charge

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You have several options to get to know the IP address of a web. The most popular way is to resort to the Ping command from the console user interface, but you can also Firefox add-ons such as ShowIP. This tool shows you the IP address of the page you are visiting on the status bar.

How to use ShowIP

  • Install the add-on and reboot the browser to activate it.
  • Visit the webpage you want to analyse.
  • View in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser the IP address and its associated data.

Among the options provided by the add-on, there are several settings that you may find interesting, such as choosing the services that are going to be used to search for data, changing how the information is shown or modifying the add-on's behaviour.

Features of ShowIP

  • Find out the IP address, host, ISP provider, country and city.
  • Choose different colours to show different information: IPv4, IPv6 addresses...
  • View the IP address using the decimal, octal, hexadecimal or Dword system.
  • Copy the values to the clipboard to take them with you.

With ShowIP you can see the IP address of any page almost immediately. Download ShowIP free for Firefox and you'll have all the information you need about a web only a click away.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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