If you have an eBook reader, you can create your own eBooks in EPUB format with Sigil. Create and edit your eBooks by downloading Sigil free of charge

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Electronic book readers or eBook readers have really entered the market with strength, these small devices with electronic ink screens that can store thousands of books easily are perfect to spread, almost without expense, any book that we decide to, for such purpose, they have to be distributed in EPUB format, that's why we'll need the help of Sigil.

An eReader for Windows

Sigil is a program that, as well as allowing us to create and edit eBooks, will also allow us to save them in the EPUB standard, created specifically for this kind of material. Thus, if we want to publish something, but we can't pay for a print run, we'll always be able to rely on the distribution power of the Internet, and how easy it is to share electronic books in EPUB format, so that our texts reach anywhere we want.

With the WYSIWYG editor, Sigil has become a powerful tool capable of editing metadata, SVG files (vector drawings), Unicode formats and automatically rectifies code errors in files imported from HTML, a real deal when it comes to editing books or creating books from scratch.

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