Silencer avoids spoilers about your favorite shows on Facebook or Twitter. Browse peacefully without finding out about the next episode thanks to Silencer

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If you're following one of the many exciting series broadcast on TV, you've probable dreaded browsing the Internet and finding out something about the plot of the next episode. Silencer can help you out with this problem.

Wave goodbye to Internet spoilers!

By installing Silencer on Chrome you can browse peacefully through your favorite social networks (Facebook and Twitter). This add-on will mute any comment about the shows you follow, so your contacts can't unveil any detail about what's going to happen. It also works with and GetGlue.

Avoid spoilers about series and more

Apart from the dreaded TV show spoilers, Silencer also protects you against comments about your favorite sports events, such as the NFL. Another useful aspect of this plug-in is to be able to mute certain hashtags that you don't want to read on Twitter. You can also block words or sentences.

If you're addicted to TV series and you don't want to read about the most exciting moments of each episode, download Silencer and browse safely on Facebook and Twitter.

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