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With Silp you can configure the schedule for you phone's sounds to avoid them playing at the wrong moment. Download SILent mode Planner now for free

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Isn't it a nuisance that your phone rings at the worst possible moment? You can avoid it from ringing at the wrong moment with SILent mode Planner for Android, an application that lets you plan your phone's sounds.

Planning your smartphone's sound will prevent if from ringing at the wrong moments and places.

SILent mode Planner lets you configure a timetable for your sounds. Thus, you'll avoid your phone ringing at work, while you sleep or in class, without having to worry about muting your phone each time. You can even program it to regulate the ringtone volume so that it doesn't bother anyone.


  • Plan the times at which your phone can ring or not.
  • Regulate the volume of the ringtones.
  • Make use of different timetables.

How to program your phone's sounds?

With Silp it's very easy to program these sounds. You only need to choose the day and time of the week for which you want to configure the sound mode and then decide whether you want your phone in vibration, muted or to be notified by message. Finally, save the configuration and your phone will be programmed.

Download SILent mode Planner and avoid uncomfortable situations or being surprised by the sound of your own phone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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