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Simple HDD Cloner is a simple tool to copy storage units. Download Simple HDD Cloner today for free to be able to create clone copies of your hard drives

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It many happen that once we have finished restoring a PC, we may need a utility that will allow us to save all the contents of a hard drive, thus making an application that will allow us to clone a full hard drive really useful.

  Simple HDD Cloner is a simple and free tool with which duplicating a storage device will be a really easy task, because it will only be necessary to select the source disc, to search for the destination folder or device and to press the “Clone” button.

  Once the process has finished, we will have a perfect clone of our hard drive with which to be able to restore our computer whenever necessary.

  The program's interface is really intuitive, because to make any copy you only have to click four times. The main window has an extremely striking orange tone, that may be somewhat bothersome if you spend too much time with the application open.

  If you are looking for a program with which you can clone any storage unit connected to your computer, download and install Simple HDD Cloner, you won't regret it.
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