Simple Performance Boost


Simple Performance Boost is an application that allows to clearly improve the performance of a computer in a very simple way, download it now on your PC

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When you install a Windows operating system on a computer for the first time, the system configuration is set by default, offering a rather good performance, but it can still be improved with tools like Simple Performance Boost.

Boost the performance of your computer

The improvements implemented by Simple Performance Boost affect various sections of the operating system:

  • General: where it is possible to find modifications that affect among other things the memory (the amount of time that Windows accesses the hard drive), the system shut down (killing the processes of hung programs) and the positioning of the boot files on the hard drive (to optimize their access).
  • Networks and services: where it is possible to find improvements for file sharing over a network, the possibility to show notifications for LAN errors and the deactivation of the search indexing, the services of Windows Media Center and the diagnostics policy.
  • Visual: the deactivate unnecessary graphic effects that improves the system's performance in general.

Therefore, if you want to improve your operating system, you only have to download Simple Performance Boost, it is very easy-to-use.
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