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Simplify Media allows to share your iTunes library with other users. Download Simplify Media free and invite your friends to listen to your favorite music

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Simplify Media is a development created with the object of offering the possibility to share your iTunes library by means of streaming, in such a way that any user, that you have previously invited, will be able to listen to your playlists or any song that forms part of any of them.

  The program can be configured very quickly, because, one the application is installed, you will only have to create a user account, select the contents that you want to share and invite those contacts that you want to offer you music to.

  One of the most noteworthy options of the program is, without any doubt, the one that offers the possibility to use Winamp to be able to listen to another contacts audio, because it is one of the most used audio players worldwide.

  The only limitation of the program is that it only allows to invite up to a total of 30 friends, a rather acceptable amount.

  Discover a different way to enjoy your music, thanks to Simplify Media.
Simplify Media
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