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Have fun with a huge collection of sudokus for Linux with Simsu. This game allows you to automatically correct boards and fill in squares provisionally

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There are thousands of Sudoku fans out there. If you're one of them you'll definitely be interested in Simsu, a sudoku game for Linux that comes along with a real-time corrector to make the game much easier in the case of being a beginner.

An entertaining game for fans of solving sudoku puzzles.

It also comes along with the possibility to choose between the pencil mode or the pen mode. The first one allows us to change our answers as we go, while in the second mode the answers are permanent.

Main features

  • Loads of different sudokus.
  • Multiple answers.
  • Automatic corrector.
  • Alternate between pencil mode and pen mode.
  • System that highlights rows and columns.
  • Undo and redo option.

And despite the game being very interesting, especially if you're into this kind of puzzle, you might miss certain options like the possibility to play against the clock or different difficulty levels.

Graeme Gott
Over a year ago
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