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sK1 is a complete vector image editor for Linux. Download sK1 and discover all the drawing tools that this vector graphic editor has to offer for free

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sK1 is one of the few vector graphic editors that can maintain its head held high in the Linux environment. In other operating systems you have the possibility to use Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand or CorelDRAW, all of them commercial and with high costs, but sK1 is totally free, open source and adds new functions in each new version so as to allow graphic designing to have its own tools in the penguin operating systems.

  Of course, being an open source tool helps it to grow with the contributions of the community to such an extent that it natively supports the CMYK color format, maintains a clear, organized and design-focused interface,... One of the most important features of sK1 is the possibility to open CDR and SVG files, the two most important standards in vector graphic designing.

  Thanks to its great importing capacity and the exceptional file and color management that it offers, sK1, that started off as a fork of Sketch, has become one of the best free editors for graphic designing on the Linux platform.

  As with many other programs, sK1 includes the basic tools for this kind of application and can import more than 10 different files types, among which we will find the abovementioned CDR and others based on PostScript.
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