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Help Sven to descend the mountain skiing by downloading Ski Safari for Android, a skiing game for smartphones that will keep you entertained for a while

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I don't know what you guys think about this issue, but for me, putting on a pair of skis and gliding through the snow as I swiftly descend down a mountain slope sounds rather complicated. I don't know if I'd be able to advance more than two meters without falling over or crashing into a tree. If you're just like me, you probably prefer skiing down a slope from your mobile phone thanks to Ski Safari.

Sven's story

In this game, we'll take on the role of Sven, a very sleepy kid. But one day, a snow avalanche kicks him out of his house, bed included, and he starts rolling down the mountain. On his way, he'll come across rocks, huts, bikes, eagles, penguins, and even yetis. Your target is to reach the highest score possible on your way down, doing stunts, collecting coins and fulfilling objectives such as riding penguins or catching yetis. The faster you go, the better, so try to avoid tripping up and going head first into the snow. As Sven manages to accomplish his missions, he'll increase his level and be able to obtain better multipliers. And if you cross through the huts, you can catch cute animals that will help you to increase your score and make your adventures even more entertaining.

Ski Safari is an arcade game in which animals, avalanches, and action are combined to create a new casual gaming experience.

One of the coolest things about this 3D arcade game (but with a 3D horizontal development) is its seasonal updates for important dates or events. For instance, at Christmas, we can dress our main character up as an elf or even ride Santa Claus' sleigh down the mountain.

Looking for cheats? If you jump higher than the clouds you'll be rewarded with extra points. And try to land or catch animals on the fly because, apart from their peculiar special features, each one of them can be considered as an extra life. Bear it in mind if you manage to get hold of a snowmobile with which you'll be able to catch loads of different passengers at once.

How to download Ski Safari?

You can download and install the game from the Play Store after paying a reasonable price. Don't get it mixed up with Ski Safari 2 which is free and developed by Sleepy Z Studios, whilst this one is created by Defiant Development. Similar, but not exactly the same. There's a hack to get hold of an alternative download but that's up to you to risk yourself with this APK or not.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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