Skiplagged Catch That! Online

Skiplagged Catch That! is an online tool to find Pokémons on a Pokémon GO map anywhere around the world, as well as cheap flights and accommodation

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Pokémon GO's success has been massive and despite the interest to find these creatures decreasing over time, some people still demand radars and maps to find them. Skiplagged Catch That! is yet another one of them with the peculiarity that it has been developed over a web to search for cheap flights and accommodation.

Skiplagged Pokémon: how does it work?

If we access this web, that we can do so from Android, iPhone, PC or Mac, we'll be able to use the Catch That! function. With the latter, we'll access a map developed using the Google Maps API from which we can view the location of dozens of pokémons from Niantic's game. Therefore, we'll only have to move around the latter, traveling to the places of our interest.

Find your Pokémon and plan your journey to catch it.

And what if Skiplagged isn't working?

If it doesn't work you can always search for flights and hotels... which is the true purpose of this web. You already know how these things work: input your origin and destination, dates, if you only want a one-way flight or return as well... and then, once you've booked your tickets, you can also choose an accommodation.

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