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Sky Rusher is a spacecraft game for Android in which our mission is to travel as far as possible dodging all the obstacles we come across on our way

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This is a spacecraft game that doesn't offer us anything new... neither does it need to. It's a classic game about trying to go as far as possible in which we have to advance with our spaceship along tunnels full of obstacles.

Dodge obstacles on your way to increase your score

The thing is with Sky Rusher is that its controls could be way better as they are far too complicated and require plenty of dedication to end up mastering them. However, if we manage to get there, we'll be able to explore its huge scenarios with the following incentives:

  • See how our surroundings change.
  • Make our score grow.
  • Unlock new spacecraft.

A huge collection of spaceship is waiting for you.

And the truth is that the best thing about this spacecraft game for Android is that we can get hold of new vehicles as we make progress, some of which are now legendary thanks to science fiction. In fact, we'll start off with a spaceship that looks a lot like the Millenary Falcon, although it's obviously not identical. As you collect diamonds on your way, you'll be able to purchase a Tie Fighter or an X-Wing from Star Wars or the Enterprise from Star Trek. You can even ride the Ulises 31...

Requirements and additional information:
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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