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Skype Launcher will allow you to use various Skype accounts at the same time on the same computer. Download Skype Launcher to control multiple accounts

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One of the small problems that can arise when you use Skype is that it only allows you to open one user account with the program per computer, and we might need to access several accounts, in the case of using a shared computer, something that can be solved very easily with Skype Launcher.

Open as many accounts as you want

The main use of Skype Launcher is to allow you to open as many instances of Skype as necessary, each one with a different user account, thus making it easier to use more than one account and on the other hand not having to remember each of the account names and passwords.

Inputting the user accounts is very simple, because it takes place by means of a simple interface where it's necessary to place the user name, the password assigned to it and to type in the password confirmation.

Therefore, if you need to use several Skype accounts on the same computer, you only have to download Skype Launcher, it's free.

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