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Slackware is a classic Linux operating system designed specially to work as a server or as a development tool. Download Slackware to your computer for free

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Distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu are very young if we compare them with Slackware, that has been around since the beginning of the 90's, is still evolving and has a very large user community.

  This operating system, that was devised to be used as a server and a development tool, has evolved quite a lot since it first appeared, integrating various desktop environments and make it easier to use, as well as adding new packs with each new version.

  Among the applications that we'll find integrated into Slackware, we will be able to find development environments like Perl, Python, C++, Java and Ruby, among other programing languages, email, FTP, news and HTML servers, office applications, image browsers and editors, as well as a large collection of other tools.

  If you're looking for a Linux distribution that has been growing for years, and that has a large collection of applications and tools, download and try out Slackware.
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