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The name of Slap Kings says it all: in this entertaining game, players will become the slap king and slap hundreds of people but always with style

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What can be more fun than slapping people around? Who has never watched videos on YouTube featuring giant individuals (mostly Russians and Yankees) slapping each other in the face? Well, it has taken long enough to release a good digital version for Android.

The Gameguru studio has managed to transfer the essence of this great discipline to Slap Kings, and even added more fun with comical graphics, very well done, and some very striking and expressive characters. And the best thing: you will be able to slap them on the face again and again.

Slap, blow, punch or wallop all your opponents

That's the main and only goal of this video game. Each level is a fight against an opponent to get a little closer to the title of slap champion. The gameplay is straightforward: you'll see a moving indicator with an arrow above your opponent's head, and you must get as close as possible to the green mark to get the strongest slap possible and empty his life bar before he finishes yours. You'll encounter enemies the likes of Mr. T and even the great Vasily Kamotsky, famous on YouTube for being the world's greatest slapper.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Lion Studios
6 months ago
92.4 MB

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