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Does music help you sleep? You can now sleep peacefully while listening to your favorite music, the Sleep Timer app will automatically stop playback

Listen to your favorite music while you fall asleep

February 3, 2022
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If you normally get stuck listening to music on your mobile, this simple app from the Carecon Studio will help you get some restful sleep with complete peace of mind. By downloading the APK file for this app we can program our Android to turn off the music by itself. Want to know how it works?

Play your music and set the timer

Sleep Timer, as its name suggests, is a sleep timer. It's used in combination with our favorite music player and requires minimal programming.

Fall asleep listening to your favorite tracks.

Using this tool is as simple as playing music, setting a time period, starting the countdown and letting yourself go to sleep and relax. As the timer comes to an end, the volume of the music will progressively decrease until it fades away completely.

To select the programmed time, simply slide your finger across the circle. Once we have the time we want, we only have to play over it and the countdown will begin. You can also extend the time by slightly shaking your device, but first you have to activate this option from the tools menu.

This app is compatible with both music players and YouTube. Furthermore, it's completely free, although the premium version includes a widget that's pretty useful for those who use it more often. Listen to music and go straight to sleep.

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