SlickScreen allows to take advantage of the highest resolutions when it comes to browsing Internet. Use multiple windows after you download SlickScreen free

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The constant update of the graphic technology available allows computers to reach screen resolutions that are extremely high, reaching even 1920 x 1080 (1080p) on high resolution screens, but the vast majority of websites have been designed for a resolution between 800 and 1024 pixels. To enjoy your browsing over Internet using a computer with high definition features you can use SlickScreen.

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SlickScreen is a web browser with multiple windows that don't overlap that takes advantage of all the resolution offered by new computer when it comes to browsing.


Some of the most noteworthy features of SlickScreen are:

  • View from 1 up to 4 screens.
  • Automatically compensates the size of the other windows when one is changed.
  • Drag and drop links between windows to increase productivity.
  • Tab browsing within each window.
  • Customize the graphic interface.
Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the highest resolution provided by your graphic card and the size of your screen, you only have to download SlickScreen free, you will avoid the blank spaces on your screen.
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Scott McLure
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