SlimBrowser is a very lightweight, stable and quick web browser that has advanced functions. Download SlimBrowser free to your PC and browse the Internet

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Many times, a small development company can show up a bigger company with almost endless resources. That is the case of FlashPeak and their SlimBrowser. A small browser that as well as working really fast includes many of the features that can only be found in rival browsers if we add plug-ins and extensions.

A much more intuitive browsing experience

SlimBrowser allows us to use tabs for browsing, but it also allows us to organize them according to our preferences, being able to have several of them visible simultaneously. Furthermore, it includes a pop-up blocker, form filler, spellchecker, VBScript, JScript and HTML text editor, and a favorites tab that offers plenty of possibilities, because it allows us to create web groups to open them all at the same time.

A powerful but very light browser.

The browser can be customized by means of skins, and it has many languages available, that will only take a few seconds to download and install. And as if this weren't enough, SlimBrower is also compatible with many of Internet Explorer's toolbars, so that you don't have to do without your favorite toolbars.

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