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Download SMART for free, an alternative to the Windows service manager to optimize our performance. Take advantage of the SMART configuration templates

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SMART is an alternative service manager for Windows that will allow you to control the processes running in the background on your computer. It is a series of processes that don't require the intervention of the user and are launched in the background on your operating system, taking care of various functions like update and maintenance services, graphics, DNS...

Improve the management of Windows services

The software includes three different configuration templates with which you can improve the performance of the operating system, even though it is possible to create your own manual configuration for each of the different services. SMART Utility will automatically take care of activating and deactivating the services indicated by the user.

It is necessary to be meticulous in this kind of task, because any change may have a direct effect on how the system works. Taking all this into account, if you are looking for an alternative to control the Windows Services you should consider SMART.

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Antony Peel
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