SmartStartMenu is an application launcher for Windows. Download SmartStartMenu right now for free and find all your programs with greater ease and speed

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SmartStartMenu is a practical application launcher that you can activate on your operating system as a toolbar to make accessing the programs that your install on your PC much more dynamic.

  Even though new Microsoft operating systems, like Windows 7 for instance, make it increasingly easier for the user to access the programs that they have installed, the same can't be said for older systems like Windows XP. This is an obstacle that you can bypass easily by installing SmartStartMenu.

  But this application not only provides a more dynamic access to the program list, it also allows you to launch a name or file type search, to copy paths and to customize many other options.

  Once the application is installed, you can configure it from the program's menu by accessing “Settings”. Once this is done, to start using the practical file launching bar, you have to activate it by completing the following steps:

  1.Press the right button on the taskbar.
2.Select the “Toolbar” option.
3.Activate the bar called SmartStartMenu.

  From that moment onwards, it will be easier for you to find any utility that you may need.
Requirements and additional information:
It works on Windows Vista or earlier.
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