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Smash Cops Heat is a police chase game app for smartphones in 3D perspective where we will have to use our patrol car to hunt down criminals on the run

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We have all seen on television those spectacular police chases in the United States, with cars running away from the police at full speed through streets and highways. Smash Cops Heat recreates these scenes in a racing and action game where we will be a policeman behind the wheel of the chase car, and trying, by all means, to capture the fugitive.

An excellent police chase game

This is not a simulator game, but rather a hybrid of arcade driving and action game. From a 3D perspective area, we will control our vehicle by sliding our finger across the screen, a system that although it is easy to understand, is a little difficult to master. However, this is just another incentive to overcome the different stages of a game, that level after level, offers a greater challenge and lots of fun.

It offers very good graphics and settings that recreate the streets of a big city, also forcing us to test our reflexes, because it is not only to stop the offender by destroying its car but also to avoid all obstacles on the road that we will find, including normal traffic. In this way, we will have to be very careful because our car may be damaged due to collisions.

These are the main features that we will find in this game of police cars and criminals:

  • Chase fast cars and beat them to destruction to stop them.
  • Avoid the attacks of the criminals who will try to destroy you.
  • Nice 3D graphics.
  • Different scenarios in a big city.
  • Dozens of missions.
  • Possibility of earning money to buy new and varied cars to race.
Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Hutch Games
6 months ago
152.4 MB

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