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In Snake VS Block you have to go through the blocks that require the lowest toll to carry on advancing in the game. Your target is to go as far as you can

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Smartphones are a paradise for casual games, those straightforward titles that don't even need a plot. Their only purpose is to keep you entertained and possibly despair you because they are usually quite difficult.

This could well be the case of the entertaining Snake VS Block, previously known as Balls VS Blocks, that we can download for Android and for iPhone and that offers us a rather peculiar and difficult challenge.

Depending on how long your snake is, you can go through blocks

The game offers us a 2D view and you must play with your device in upright position. It's all about guiding with your finger a snake whose body is made up of balls, the number of which can increase if we eat up all the gifts that we can find around the screen, or decrease depending on the blocks we have to go through.

Those blocks are tagged with a number which is basically the number of balls we'll have to pay as a tool to get through. You'll find blocks that require only one ball or others that require dozens...

One of those games capable of hooking you on for hours.

Well, as you can imagine, your target consists in advancing as much as you can, taking into account all these guidelines:

  • Dodge blocks if they demand more balls than those of your snake.
  • Feed on balls on your way.
  • Try to go through the blocks that won't use up all your balls.
  • Don't let your count tick down to 0, otherwise, you'll lose.

And that's it, there's no more to it... no hacks, cheats or APK mods (well, you might be able to find one or two). Just try to see how far you can go because the speed at which you move isn't going to make things easy for you either.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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