Snapchat Trophies: what are they and how to get them all

Snapchat streaks are special souvenirs offered by the app to celebrate your friendships. There is no set number of medals within Snapchat. Rather, they appear according to the use you make of their application, the number of messages you send to a contact, and other similar variables.

What are the most outstanding medals?

  • New friends. It appears when you have just added a friend to Snapchat.
  • BFs. It is displayed when you are best friends with a contact and vice versa.
  • Mutual BFs. This medal is used to indicate that the best friend is shared with another contact.
  • Snapchat streak. It appears when a streak is achieved with another user.
  • Shy kids. This indicates that you have added a new contact, but have not spoken to them.
  • Snapchat score medals. Within each of them, there are one or more stars. The amount depends on how many stories or messages you have sent to another user.

How to get more trophies in Snapchat?

As you can see, the variety of medals is very large. And Snapchat is constantly adding new ones. How can you get more of these trophies? Simply by using the application. The medals are constantly updated based on your Snapchat usage.

If you wish to consult the medals you have in common with one of your friends, open the chat and tap on the conversation.

Open a contactOpen a contact

Then, tap on the avatar of the contact.

View contact informationView contact information

Finally, scroll to the bottom to locate the Charms section.

View all the charmsView all the charms

If you tap on a medallion, you will be able to see it enlarged. In addition, a brief explanation is included.

Open a charmOpen a charm

Come back to this section, again and again, to see how the available medals change. Do not forget that they are different for each contact.