In the following sections, we make a compilation with the best filters you can use on Snapchat. But first, we explain how you can easily find them.

How to find all filters on Snapchat

The filters that the Snapchat app displays by default change from time to time. In addition, the total number of options is limited. So, you may be wondering how to explore all the filters available on Snapchat. The first thing to do is to click on the smiley face next to the shutter.

Open all filtersOpen all filters

Then, scroll to the end of the filter list by swiping to the right. A magnifying glass and the Explore button will appear on the screen. Tap on one of the two to enter the filters gallery.

Access the filter galleryAccess the filter gallery

Once there, use the search engine to find your favorite filters.

Search for filters by nameSearch for filters by name

Remember that you can mark any Snapchat filter as a favorite to be placed in the For you section of the gallery.

The best filters for Snapchat

Having explained the process to find a filter, here are some of the ones we have liked the most. Keep in mind that the variety of filters is extremely high. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine which ones are exactly the best. Here are the ones that, in our opinion, are the funniest.

I’m very sad now

This is how the I’m very sad now filter looksThis is how the I’m very sad now filter looks

With this filter, your face will always look pitiful. Use it to make your facial features exaggerate sadness to the maximum.

Dancing Hot Dog

This is what the Dancing Hot Dog lens look likeThis is what the Dancing Hot Dog lens look like

Want to see a cute hot dog dancing on your table? With the Dancing Hot Dog filter, it is possible. You can place this character anywhere by tapping on the screen.

Gym Boy

A filter to look stronger called Gym BoyA filter to look stronger called Gym Boy

Being strong without going to the gym is what Gym Boy proposes. Use your face to place it inside a muscular body.


Aspect of the filter called OldAspect of the filter called Old

If you want to anticipate old age and see what you will look like when you reach old age, look for Old in the filter gallery. This filter lets you travel into the future.

Long Nose

This is what the Long Nose filter looks like in SnapchatThis is what the Long Nose filter looks like in Snapchat

A long and gelatinous nose. Place yourself between fun and horror with Long Nose.


Changing our aspect with the Cartoon filterChanging our aspect with the Cartoon filter

To transform your face into a cartoon character, use Cartoon. The appearance obtained is very similar to that of the 3D characters in current animated films.

Punking Rainbow

This is the Puking Rainbow filterThis is the Puking Rainbow filter

Punking Rainbow is a fun rainbow that appears when you open your mouth. Be careful not to spill everywhere!

Funny Donkey

Aspect of the Funny Donkey lensAspect of the Funny Donkey lens

The Funny Donkey filter lets you control the cute donkey you see in the above screenshot. Move the mouth and eyes and see how the animal moves with you.

Bald Character

Bald Character filter and its potential modificationsBald Character filter and its potential modifications

Beard, eyebrows, and baldness. These are the parameters supported by Bald Character that you can apply to your face.

Super Long Tongue

Our aspect with the Super Long Tongue filterOur aspect with the Super Long Tongue filter

We finish with Super Long Tongue. If you thought having a long, jelly nose was funny, this filter will do the same for your tongue.