Snaporama is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to save groups of open tabs. Download Snaporama right now and improve the management of your tabs

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With Snaporama we can save all the tabs we have open in Firefox with a single click. Thus, when we reopen the browser we will only have to select the tab capture we want to open. Snaporama can be very useful if we work with Firefox and we have to use the same websites day after day.

How Snaporama works

When you install Snaporama on your browser, two small icons will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. When you click on the first one, a window will appear from which we will able to create a new tab capture, or overwrite one we had stored previously. The second icon allows you to open the stored captures. As easy and quick as that!


  • You don't need to reboot the browser when you install Snaporama.
  • Saving all the tabs you have open in groups won't take you more than two seconds.
  • Improve the organization of your tabs.
  • Hardly consumes any browser resources.

Improve your browsing experience with Firefox by downloading Snaporama.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 4.0b7 to 8.0a1.
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