What video resolutions can be downloaded with SnapTube

The video resolutions capable of being offered by SnapTube mainly depends on the source that hosts those videos. In other words, the tool won’t be able to offer us a resolution higher than the source. In the case of being on website that does provide videos in high quality, we’ll be able to download in different resolutions.

In terms of video, we can download in the following qualities:

  • 144p.
  • 240p.
  • 360p.
  • 480p.
  • 720p HD.
  • 1080 HD.

In the case of audio, we have fewer options to choose from but there are two different formats available:

  • MP3 at 128 Kbps.
  • M4A at 128 Kbps.

SnapTube is considered as one of the best applications to download videos from the Internet, mainly because it goes way beyond YouTube, and lets us download contents from other video streaming sites such as Vimeo or Dailymotion, but also from social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. These are its main functions and features:

  • Direct download of audio.
  • Meta search engine to find videos on different sites by using keywords.
  • Management of the videos downloaded from the application.
  • The above-mentioned support for different resolutions.

To the latter we have to add that it’s an app that’s very easy to use for any user, allowing us to download video and audio really easily, keeping things extremely simple.

But it also has its cons. We won’t be able to get this application on Google Play, the official Android marketplace, it goes against the terms of use of this store. That’s why you have to resort to alternatives of the likes of Malavida to be able to download and install the APK file.