Snow Queen Mahjong

Download Snow Queen Mahjong and save Karl, that has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen. Snow Queen Mahjong is a board game based on the classic Mahjong game

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Mahjong was invented in China thousands of years ago. In this game that we present here you will have to solve the Mahjong puzzles that you find as you advance through an adventure.

  Snow Queen Mahjong is a title in which you'll have to save Greta's brother, named Karl, that has been imprisoned by the Snow Queen, thanks to our skill pairing the tiles.

  To set him free we'll have to solve many different levels of Mahjong puzzles, that once they are solved will start melting the snow in which he's imprisoned. During our adventure we'll explore six different regions until we finally get to the Snow Queen's Castle, where we will face the most difficult challenges.

  The game will set us up against 180 levels in 60 different scenarios with a brilliant graphical environment for this type of game, that includes a very nice story line.

  Download the demo of Snow Queen Mahjong now and enjoy this game during one hour.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have an Internet connection to be able to install the game. The demo version allows to play for 1 hour.
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