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SnowFox iPad Toolkit is a pack of applications to enjoy music and videos on an iPad, whether DVDs or Blu-ray with films or the CDs of your favorite groups

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As time goes by new gadgets appear on the market, and one of the last has been the iPad by Apple. One of the few problems that can arise with these gadgets, is that due to their size they use different video format than those usually used on computers.

  To be able to avoid this problem various applications have been launched on the market, but if what you want is to obtain a range of programs in a single go, you can download SnowFox iPad Toolkit. This pack of applications contains three different programs:
- iPad Video Converter: that allows you to prepare the majority of videos to be watched on the iPad in H.264 HD format
- DVD to iPad Converter: that allows you to take a film from a DVD and prepare it to be watched on the iPad
- iPad Transfer: that can be used to avoid having to transfer the files between the iPad and the computer by means of iTunes.

  Therefore, if you want to have three essential tools to enjoy videos on your iPad, download and install SnowFox iPad Toolkit on your computer.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a decompressor compatible with ZIP. This download also requires that you have iTunes 9 or above and .NET Framework 2.0 installed. The trial version of both iPad Video Converter and DVD to iPad Converter adds a watermark to the converted videos and only exports a maximum of three minutes of audio. The trial version of iPad Transfer only allows you to transfer a maximum of 20 files.
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