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You are going to absolutely love the weirdest and most fun soccer game that you have ever seen in your life: Soccer Spirits: a card-based adventure

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The Japanese are renowned for creating weird stuff, that then becomes hugely successful. Soccer Spirits is a soccer game where anything to do with the “beautiful game” is reduced to a game played on green fields, where you kick a ball towards the goal. Everything else is spectacular special effects; pretty people with very long eyelashes and shots at goal. Now the never-ending matches of Oliver and Benji are not quite as funny as they once were.

A new story and updates for soccer managers!

A totally new way to get into soccer

“A wild Japanese rave” would be a good way of describing this game that combines sports with cards. Choose your player and your best strategy for being the first to score a goal. To help you, you have four very simple touch buttons:

  • Pass the ball
  • Beat the defense
  • Special skill
  • Shot on goal

As you progress through the game, you will collect new cards, which you can use to strengthen your team. You are not just a player, you are also a manager. Select 11 unbeatable players for your team and play in different leagues, either against the computer or in real time against other players.

Pomp and history on a soccer pitch

In addition, the game has more than 30 voice actors for the voices of the main characters and more than 3000 sound effects. You also get to hear players’ on and off-field conservations, and they will blow you away. But be patient, the APK takes its own sweet time to install and the app takes up quite a lot of memory space on your Android device.

The Japanese do everything big and this is no exception. We may tire of the antics of hyper-muscular players on the pitch, but this game is bigger than all of that. Soccer has never before been such an amazing spectacle. Are you ready for a new take on soccer, whether it be grandiose or grotesque?

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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