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With the help of Social Downloader you can download information and photos from social networks as a backup. Download Social Downloader right now for free

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As time goes by, we share more and more things on social networks, so it can always come in handy to make a backup just in case. Nobody can assure you that your data will last forever: if you don't want to lose your information, download Social Downloader for free.

Backups of your social life in just one click.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Social Downloader is a software application to create backups of the information on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. You will be able to keep photos, comments, "likes", tags, friends and followers, and favourites in a safe place.

Features of Social Downloader

  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Easy to use and quick to launch.
  • Guaranteed privacy.

Create backups of your information published on social networks, download Social Downloader for free and safeguard your social life with a single click.

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