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Download Social Folders free, a platform that synchronizes the contents of your accounts in different web services with a local folder on your computer

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Any modern day Internet user has various accounts in all kinds of social services and network services, that are normally used to contact friends and to share all kinds of files and information. Social Folders is a tool that tries to use them and the growing expansion of the online storage services to create a platform capable of synchronizing all kinds of files stored on the network with a local folder, in such a way that any change is automatically reflected in both places.

A new way to access and share all your online contents.


  • Synchronize all the contents that you publish and publish it on the social networks as a folder on your hard drive. Organize all the files as you see most convenient.
  • Compatible with Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa and YouTube.
  • The contents of the local folder or any web service will be automatically updated with each change.
  • Use the local folder as a backup copy of all your files stored on the supported social networks.
  • Find out immediately about the updates by your contacts. You can select which information you want to receive.
  • Upload files to your account without any need to open the browser.

The perfect communion between online storage and social networks

Social Folders is a sensational way to maintain everything that you share over social networks unified. Most people use many service and some times it can happen that you don't have a copy for your own personal use. Social Folders can act as a backup copy for these occasions.

With each change that you perform, be it on the online account or on your local folder, will be automatically reflected, thus being able to work in a unified way with everything that you publish in these services.

Download Social Folders free and you will be able to access the contents of your social networks and automatically synchronize it from your desktop.

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