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Socialsu is a search engine with results created and optimized by users. Insert your website and add keywords so that you can be found in Socialsu

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Certain projects intend to offer the user alternatives to Google's almighty search engine, but with more realistic and social criteria. This is the case of Socialsu, a search engine in which users insert their webpages, and other people rate the relevance of the sites. With Socialsu you'll be able to obtain search results that don't depend on Google's algorithms.

The people's search engine.

The social search engine

The idea behind Socialsu is very interesting: users insert their webpage including the keywords they deem appropriate, and other people rate the relevance of the site regarding the categories under which it appears. The more positive votes, the higher the page will appear in the search results.

The handicap of this project is that it needs to increase its amount of users and improve its database for the search results to be more useful. But all great projects need to start off at some point, so we have to trust Socialsu to grow and become useful for many users.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free registry.
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