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Socl is a social network aimed at the student community. Discover new content and make consultations by accessing Socl, Microsoft's new social network

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After a year of development in the shadows, Socl (read social), is now available. Also known as, this is the first public version of Microsoft's social network.

Microsoft's social network aimed at students.

Discover interesting content

Socl is a social network that not only facilitates communication with other users. In this network aimed at students content is really important. Discover interesting and useful information related to various fields such as technology, music, art, architecture, sports and cinema. Also, consult any issue with the user community.

Socl Features

Although Socl doesn't resemble any of the more popular social networks, it integrates concepts from all of them. It's interface is very visual, similar to Pinterest, with quite a formal feel more akin to Google+.

New concepts

Using Socl entails new concepts that you should get to know: participate in "parties" (a kind of hangouts), create "riffs" (visual responses to articles) and discover "Socl Interests" or groups organized around a certain piece of content.

Access Socl and become a part of the largest student community.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires logging in with a Windows Live or Facebook account.
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