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Softi FreeOCR is capable of scanning and digitizing documents. It is an OCR application capable of recognising characters. Download Softi FreeOCR for free

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When you need to transfer any printed document to your computer, the usual way of doing so is typing it. Nevertheless, if your document is long, it's very useful and quick to transfer it by means of an OCR software application. So if you're looking for a simple and free OCR application, Softi FreeOCR can be a good choice.

Scan and digitize your documents

This program has a very simple interface, once open, it's possible to scan any document that will be quickly revised in search of text. The intention of Softi FreeOCR is to even maintain the line jump. What's more, it is possible to open PDF documents to apply OCR and thus extract the text and be able to edit it.

With a clean installation, Softi FreeOCR only includes English dictionaries, something that can be problematic when trying to properly recognize texts in other languages. Nevertheless, it offers us the possibility to add any dictionary that we want.

So if you need to transfer lots of documents to a computer, a good option would be to download Softi FreeOCR, and start scanning and storing in text format, to save you plenty of time typing in the texts.

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Antony Peel
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