Solace a is a different action game, that places special emphasis on the graphics and the music that accompany it. Download Solace free and discover it

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DigiPen Institute of Technology is lately becoming one of the best centers worldwide in what regards to independent games. Indie games that normally manage to gain their own space on the market normally do so due to the fact that they differ from classic commercial games, and Solace couldn't be less.

Discover the five steps of grief

The idea behind Solace is to present a spaceship action game that will take the player through the five steps of grief (denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance) thanks to its graphics and its music.

Both the graphics as well as the music have a special importance in this title, because they are the elements that really show the different steps through which the spaceship you control will move.

The spaceship's movements are really fluid and the game really won't allow the player to relax despite the fact that its like a story, because the hordes of enemies won't stop attacking.

Download Solace free to discover a different game.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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