Soldar is an addictive free game in which you will become a brave soldier that will have to accomplish missions. Download Soldat and live this adventure

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Soldat is a free online multiplayer game that offers unlimited action at devilish speed. Thanks to the latter, you will become a soldier, that will be able to be equipped with a variety of weapons, that will have to help his team to complete a mission in different scenarios, that slightly resemble those of the mythical Worms game.

  The arsenal that our soldier will have available is incredible, with the possibility to choose between military guns, machine guns, sniper riffles, grenade launchers and automatic riffles. Each one of the weapons will have a limited amount of ammo, that we will be able to control at the bottom of the screen, having also the option to gather more ammo thanks to the boxes that are scattered around the scenario.

  With regard to the graphic level, many players will think that the animations and the graphic quality are rather poor, but the game makes up for this thanks to the incredibly quick and intense combats that it offers.

  So now you know, don't take your eyes off your enemies, aim carefully and eliminate them as many times as possible, in Soldat.
Michal Marzinowski
3 months ago
3 months ago
100.6 MB

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